In this 3 week course, we take the skills learnt in our Positive Puppy Program and extend them in a new environment with new challenges! With the main focus on the skills we all want (loose lead walking, recall and calm behaviours), we add in distractions to proof these in a controlled environment and set you up for success in the real world!

This class is best suited for dogs 5 months and older who have basic skills. Younger dogs may be accepted if they have completed our Positive Puppy Program or a suitable equivalent. We have an intake once a month.

Please note that this course may not be suitable for dogs we have not seen before, or for dogs wanting to focus on a specific problem or behavioural issues such as reactivity or over excitement. If you would like more information on whether this class is suitable to your dog please enquire via the enquiry form.

Afterpay and payment plans now available – please ask when enquiring!


  • Loose lead walking and recall past distractions which include food, toys and other dogs

  • Calm behaviours when people approach

  • Learn a leave it on the move to simulate being on a walk

  • To increase focus and engagement on you rather than the environment

  • How to put this all into place in the real world… not just in class!

  • A few new tricks and variations on the old ones!

You will receive a weekly training guide to help navigate your at home training.

Along with this you will have access to our Online Course for our Moving Manners. This has videos of all the behaviours through out the course as well as extras exclusive to Online platform.

Our Online Course can be a stand alone option for people in remote areas unable to travel to classes, class times do not suit or you would prefer to train from the comforts of home with full support from qualified professionals. If you are interested in the Online option please state this in you enquiry form so we can quote you the correct pricing.



Feel free to fill in our online form or call us if you’d like to ask any questions you may have about our courses or services. Check out the FAQs section for quick answers to common questions