At Flying Paws, our focus is to offer you and your dog a safe, comfortable and controlled environment to learn and grow together, no matter what you want to work on.

We offer you a safe space to tell us what you’d like for your dog and help you better understand the dog in front of you to build a stronger relationship. Our specialist training as qualified Family Dog Mediators®, allow us to give you better insight into your unique dog using the L.E.G.S. framework. With these skills, we want to take you beyond “dog training” to a relationship where you are present and in tune with all your dogs’ needs.

Our focus is on positive, ethical dog training, where how a dog feels is more important than blind compliance or obedience. The majority of “behaviour problems” are symptoms of our dogs not understanding aspects of our complicated modern world. We’re ready to help you meet your dog where they are at, build a mutually better understanding in your relationship, to help both you and your dog live a happy life together.


Feel free to fill in our online form or call us if you’d like to ask any questions you may have about our courses or services. Check out the FAQs section for quick answers to common questions