About Us

How do you end up running a Dog Training School?

November 2004 my husband Craig and I went to Hobart to pick up a Border Collie pup – there were 6 of them and we had the first choice.

One of the girls had a lot more spots on her nose than the others and I wasn’t after the classic look, she kept going off by herself and the breeder told us she was the only one that would go off into their workshop…oooh, ok we will have her…should these traits have told me something? But she was so cute!

Someone told me about puppy school, so we enrolled and off trotted Rily and myself…

It was quite fun and we learnt heaps, so I thought we would do the next course… that was fun too and we learnt even more! Well we better do the senior course, all the agility equipment, wow!!! That was the most funnest of all and we were still learning new things, so Saturday morning classes were just naturally where we headed.

Rily was at times quite a challenge…to smart for my own good! But we were having fun, enjoying ourselves and learning new things.

In 2007 we went back to Hobart to collect Rily’s brother Tana (same mum and dad) no choice this time, he was the only boy left.

I went through the same courses again and ended up doing Saturday mornings with him as well, again he just loved it and I still did too…

He was so easy to train and so easy going, having a bossy big sister didn’t seem to worry him, he was just happy to plod along with whatever we were doing. Nice and easy going after the earlier challenges with Rily!

I never thought years later I would actually take over the dog school.

Continually seeing lots and lots of very cute puppies sometimes makes you want another pup yourself! But I always said I would wait.

Well, I knew which breeder I was going to get my next pup from, later on when it was time… however a litter came along with the parents and grandparents I was wanting and there were a couple left and I just couldn’t say no.

So in 2018 Zani joined us! It was a long time since I had actually had a pup myself but he was so gorgeous and so much fun. Each puppy or dog you get brings with them their own challenges and new learning opportunities for you. He has fitted in so well with Rily and Tana and I am so glad I decided to get him.

Now I am still seeing lots of people having fun and learning lots of new things with their furry partners… and I’m still having fun too!